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Stealth P-7

Adventure Commuter

Stealth P-7 Nardo Grey

The Stealth P-7 is designed to turn your daily commute into an unforgettable adventure. That dead travel time getting to work can now be part of your daily fitness routine and give you more time to do the things you enjoy. Weekend warriors won’t miss out either with the dual suspension frame capable of mixing it on the trails. 

P-7 owners get all the features of its high powered P-7R variant but without the legal constraints.

Speed and Performance

Top Speed


Peak Torque

85 Nm



With the peak power of 1.0 kw and top speed of 25 km/h, commuting on the Stealth P-7 means you can power up those hills without breaking a sweat. Not only is the P-7 a great commuter, but at 29kg it’s also light enough to take touring or on holidays and requires minimal riding skills.

The P-7’s planetary driven, brushless DC hub motor is compact, lightweight and has enough low-down torque to assist the rider up just about any hill. When coasting, the hub motor is able to freewheel with next to no resistance, so getting caught out with a flat battery means an easy pedal home.

Suspension and Brakes

Front Travel


Rear Travel




Running SR Suntour’s Durolux air spring single crown fork, we shaved off several kilos while providing enough adjustability for just about any rider or terrain. 


On the rear we borrowed the F-37’s bulletproof, coil-over shock with and made some compression and rebound adjustments to suit the lighter weight platform.

Sticking with the light weight theme, Magura MT4’s clamping 180mm rotors provide all of the stopping power needed with minimal effort required on the levers.

Drivetrain and Transmission

Front Travel



9 Speed

Gear Shifting

Grip Shift

To keep the rear end light, the P-7’s planetary driven BLDC hub motor provides a light weight, high torque source of tractive force enabling riders to push their speeds to 25km/h for Australian and European customers and 28mph for US customers. The freewheeling hub makes pedalling without electrical assistance a breeze, just in case you venture just a little too far from home.


When it comes to pedalling, the P-7 is fitted with a gear range low enough to climb steep hills with minimal input or high enough to maintain pedal assistance at elevated speeds. 

Frame & Swingarm

Construction Type



4130 CrMo Alloy



While it’s the smallest platform of Stealth’s Legacy range, we didn’t hold back on the quality.   Using the same aircraft certified, 4130 CrMo as the rest of the family, this Aussie made frame provides ergonomic and dynamic superiority in just about any terrain. 


The zinc rich coating and tough, powdercoated outer layer provide an impenetrable to the elements and ensure that the frame maintains its factory backed, lifetime warranty.






Charge Time

5 hours

For those who like to spend more time in the saddle, the P-7’s huge 1500Wh battery will carry riders up to 150km on a single charge (using Eco mode), making sure you get to where you’re going and back again with unquestionable ease.


A 5 hour recharge time from a standard 110/240V outlets gets you stocked up with electrons and ready to get back out on the road or blazing those mountain trails.