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Stealth B-52

Stealth H-52

Electro Moto

Stealth H-52

For enduro aficionados of the New World, the Stealth H-52 should be firmly in your cross-hairs. Feet on the pegs and throttle pinned, the H-52 delivers a peerless riding experience in all conditions thanks to 200mm of rear suspension travel and a pure, purpose-built cockpit.

Bringing off road action to the suburbs, the H-52 brings it all the way to your back door. Whether it’s sunrise sessions or midnight motocross the H-52 has everything it takes to break the barrier of sound and keep the neighbours on your side.

Speed & Performance

Top Speed



Up to 60km

Peak Power


With an operating range of up to 60 km on a single charge, the H-52 has got what it takes to catapult its pilots to speeds in excess of 80 km/h with minimal effort. Equipped with everything it takes to get your riding mission off the ground, silence is the only thing you will want to hear.

Offering three performance modes, the H-52’s top speed can be limited to 25 km/h, 45km/h or opened out to deliver the full 80 km/h top-end.

Suspension and Brakes

Front Travel


Rear Travel




The H-52’s inverted 37mm, Fast Ace forks combined with it’s heavy duty coil-over rear shock provide enough variability and tunability for most riders in most types of terrain. Whether you’re railing ruts or banging berms, the H-52 smooths out the bumps and changes direction with ease.

Massive 250mm rotors, combined with powerful mini-moto  4 piston, brake calipers, redefine the concept of accuracy and modulation when it really counts. Surpassing all rivals in terms of reduction of arm pump and outright control in rough terrain, the H-52’s stopping performance is equally as impressive as it’s acceleration.

If that’s not enough, the H-52’s hydraulic system is further backed up by its regen braking system, triggered by the left hand brake lever providing a smooth and reliable transition between hydraulic and electronic systems while recovering kinetic energy.

Drive Train




Direct Drive



With the utmost simplicity the H-52’s BLDC hub motor transfers power directly to the ground without any transmission loss whatsoever.  

There’s no pedals, chain, no belt and no gears to maintain keeping noise to a minimum and virtually eliminating wear and tear and when you twist the throttle, there’s only one moving part that’s laying down torque and accelerating you into the stratosphere.

Frame & Swingarm

Construction Type



4130CrMo Alloy



Like all of Stealth’s Legacy models, the H-52’s exoskeleton wraps its critical components in a tough, impenetrable 4130 CrMo layer. Manufactured entirely in Australia, the H-52’s the ruggedised platform provide a tough, impenetrable exoskeleton designed to protect it's vital organs from unexpected projectiles.


Corrosion protection is first handled by an impenetrable zinc rich undercoat followed by a hard wearing, powder-coated barrier to ward off unwanted chips and scratches.

Like all  Stealth Legacy models, the H-52 has got what it takes to last a lifetime and is backed up by Stealth’s, lifetime frame and swingarm warranty.