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Stealth B-52

Stealth B-52

Heavy Artillery

Stealth B-52 Bomber electric bike

The Stealth B-52 represents the perfect blend of electro-mechanical synergy by combining your intrinsic muscle power with a silent, high torque, brushless DC hub motor to produce a riding experience like nothing else on Earth.

Glide across the planet at astonishing speeds as the B-52’s enduro inspired suspension and moto style riding position swallows up the toughest trails while always poised and ready for launch.

Speed & Performance

Top Speed


Peak Torque


Peak Power


With a top speed of up to 80km/h, the B-52 accelerates from zero to warp speed in just a matter of seconds.

Hold on tight as a twist of the wrist transports you to a world that you never knew existed.  

Suspension and Brakes

Front Travel


Rear Travel




Standard issue on the B-52 are our specially made, inverted, Fast Ace forks and heavy duty coil-over rear shock. Tuned and spec’d by the Stealth team, this is a great all-round package for riders who want to mix their riding styles and explore a wide variety of terrain.

Whether it's pinpoint precision on technical trails or outright stopping power, the B-52's massive 250mm rotors combined with Italian made, 4 piston brake calipers provide unmatched modulation and control as you're bombing your way through tough terrain.   


Backed up by the B-52's regen braking system, the B-52's makes that process more intuitive by integrating the regen into the left hand brake lever. The result, a smooth and reliable transition between the electronic and hydraulic braking allowing you to maintain laser like focus as you scan the trail for the fastest line.


Drivetrain & Transmission


Direct Drive BLDC


6 Speed Sequential

Gear Shifting


The Stealth B-52’s latest brushless DC  hub motor technology takes your mission to a new level with high torque and instant acceleration catapulting you to the front of the pack.  Maintaining its renowned low maintenance, low profile signature, the Stealth B-52 holds true to its name with the motor having just 1 moving part transmitting power to the ground.  


For increased torque and acceleration while making significant range gains, B-52 pilots can transfer high torque bursts of pedal power transmitted via the all new, Aussie made, H-Box transmission. The H-Box's sealed, maintenance  free design provides 6 pedals gears with a total gear range of 618% so that hardcore speed freaks can continue pedalling at speeds beyond  80km/h, while still having a low speed granny gear available for dominating those steep climbs. Shifting gears is also a breeze with the H-Box's new electromechanical gear shifting system accurately and predictably taking care of every shift with just the push of a button.

Frame & Swingarm

Construction Type



4130CrMo Alloy



The ruggedised Cromoly monocoque frame and swingarm are the backbone of the B-52's Aussie made platform and provide a tough, impenetrable exoskeleton designed to protect it's vital organs from unexpected projectiles.


Corrosion protection is first handled by a impenetrable zinc rich undercoat followed by a tough, powder-coated barrier to ward off unwanted chips and scratches.

We're so confident in the strength and durability of our chassis design that we're continuing our lifetime frame and swingarm warranty on all of Stealth's new generation Legacy models.






Charge Time

3 hours

The B-52’s proven 2.5kWh lithium ion battery (now with an extra 25% capacity) offers uncompromised performance and reliability on the trails to take you further, for longer.

With 3 selectable power modes (Eco, Sports & Competition), riders have the option of a short, hard sprint or can allocate the whole day to exploring.  


A 3-hour recharge time from a standard 110/240V outlets minimises down time maximises ride time when those vital electrons start running low.