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Stealth Overlander City

Stealth Overlander

The Urban Explorer


The Stealth Overlander is a new generation of e-bike, designed to turn your daily commute into a high speed, high powered adventure.  


Not just another electric bike, the Overlander’s unconventional design and minimalist features put you ahead of the masses. 

Speed & Performance


Overlander R

Top Speed



Peak Torque






Based on the same platform, the Overlander comes in 2 model variants. The Overlander and Overlander R, both  designed to comply with the local laws across a range of countries.  

The Overlander's  high torque, high efficiency mid-drive motor ensures an unmatched riding experience that’s as comfortable dicing with the dodgiest city traffic as it is climbing the steepest streets of San Francisco. 



 With a top speed of 25km/h and a power limit of 250W, the Stealth Overlander complies with all EN15194 requirements making it 100% street legal in every country.  

Overlander R

The Overlander R has the peak power set to 750W and the torque cranked to 110Nm to reach a top speed of  45km/h (28mph) giving you a pure adrenalin spike that only a Stealth can.

In this configuration the R model is categorized a Class 3 ebike across the USA, but off road only in most other countries.


Suspension & Brakes

Front Travel



Hard Tail



100mm single crown forks with fat 32mm stanchions and give you a predictable yet plush ride whether you're tackling  inner city tram lines or a  attacking harsh outback corrugations. 

Ergonomically designed brake levers give you all of the control you need as they activate twin 24mm pistons and clamp down on the Overlander's 180mm rotors.

Drive Train and Transmission




3.5" TFT


10 Speed

Constructed using high quality helical cut, metal gears (not plastic like our competitors), our drive train is built to deliver  years of  silent, responsive and ultra reliable power with minimal servicing.  Its torque sensing pedal assist unit provides an intuitive feel that delivers responsive power based on the level of peal power that you apply.

Whether it's a long range economy run or a short, hard climb, riders have the option of 5 levels of pedal assist that can be easily selected via its intuitive on board display.  Combining your assist modes with 10 pedal speeds, the Overlander's seamless shifting derailleur uses light action gear shifters to allow riders  to select the perfect ratio and really capitalise on the efficiency of the pedal assist system.