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Stealth Overlander City

Stealth Overlander R

Explore the Overlander R


Change the way you move on the Stealth Overlander R. The coolest and most powerful urban commuter ever built.

As a road legal, Class 3 e-bike (USA only), the Overlander R takes high speed urban mobility to the next level with a fast and efficient platform that's a guaranteed head turner.  

Speed & Performance

Top Speed


Peak Torque


Peak Power


The Overlander R has the top speed jacked to 45km/h (28mph) and the torque cranked to 110Nm to deliver a pure adrenalin spike that only a Stealth can give you. With this kind of performance the R model is categorized a Class 3 ebike across the USA, but off road only in most other countries.

Distinguish yourself be uniquely Stealth

Change the way you move on the Stealth Overlander R. The coolest and most powerful urban commuter ever built.

We've used distinctive styling elements through advanced manufacturing processes to create the ultimate head turner.




Up to 100km

Battery Capacity


Charge Time

5 Hours

The Overlander’s massive, 750Wh Samsung battery pack has been kicked, punched, poked and prodded to comply with the most stringent safety standards from across the world, safely and reliably taking you over 100 kilometers on just a single charge

Powered by Samsung, our powerpack guarantees maintenance free performance now, and into the future and is backed by a hassle free, 18 month warranty. 

Drive Train


750W Peak


10 Speed


Light Action

Stealth’s customised mid-drive power train ensures an unmatched riding experience that’s as comfortable dicing with the dodgiest city traffic as it is climbing the steepest streets of San Francisco.


 Producing a class leading 110Nm of torque, the torque sensing crankset has provides some serious thrust when you decide it's time to get moving.  Constructed using high quality helical cut, metal gears (not plastic like our competitors), our drive train is silent, responsive and ultra reliable.

Transferring pedal power to the ground via its clutched 10 speed deraileur, the Overlander R's gear train ensures a smooth transition between each and every gear change. 


Blending modern material technologies with good old Aussie know how, the Overlander’s  aerospace alloy exoskeleton has been forged, extruded, hydroformed and brushed to create a tough Stealth platform backed up by  a 10 year warranty. 

comes standard with integrated front and rear lights and colour TFT display and backed by a massive 10 year frame warranty.

The Overlander is available in 2 convenient sizes to suit riders ranging from 160cm to 194cm. Match your height with the size range above to find the right frame for you.


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