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Stealth Overlander City

Stealth Overlander R

Urban Assault


Overlander R takes high speed urban mobility to the next level with a fast and efficient platform that's a guaranteed head turner.   Based on the original Stealth Overlander, the Overlander R has the dial wound up to bring you the coolest and most powerful urban commuter ever built.


Speed & Performance

Top Speed


Peak Torque


Peak Power


The Overlander R has the top speed jacked to 45km/h (28mph) and the torque cranked to 110Nm to deliver a pure adrenalin spike that only a Stealth can give you.


With this kind of performance the R model is categorized a Class 3 ebike across the USA, but off road only in most other countries.

Suspension & Brakes

Front Travel



Hard Tail



The 100mm single crown forks with fat 32mm stanchions are built to provide you with control and comfort at elevated speeds. 

The 180mm brake rotors and ergonomically designed brake levers give you all of the control you need as you adjust your riding style for maximum speed. 

Drive Train and Transmission


750W Mid Drive


3.5" TFT


10 Speed

The Overlander R's powerful 750W mid drive is built to withstand the high torque and high speeds that it's capable of.  The drive/reduction unit uses high quality helical cut, metal gears to keep the noise down and the torque transfer up, while using an internal torque sensor to detect the amount of force you are pedalling with and applying a proportionate level of power output. Not only is it silent, but it is extremely responsive giving you enough acceleration to get you in to trouble... and back out again. 

5 levels of pedal assist really come into their own when it's time to drop the hammer.  In level 5 there is no speed limiter allowing you to push past 45km/h if you're feeling up to it.  Time trials, hill climbs, or straight out drag races will accelerate you to the front of the pack as you cycle through the 10 speed system and select the gear that's going to take you places in a hurry.  







10 Years

Using advanced manufacturing processes to produce distinctive stylistic elements, our brushed aluminium chassis is complimented by high quality paint work and then wrapped in a tough, polyurethane coating to keep it looking fresh now, and into the future. 


Integrated front and rear lights add that Stealth glow and ensure that you're always visible, even if you are on a Stealth.

The Overlander and Overlander R are available in 2 sizes and will fit most riders ranging from 160cm to 194cm. 


Battery Capacity



Up to 75km

Charge Time

3 Hours

The Overlander R's massive, 750Wh Samsung battery pack has been kicked, punched, poked and prodded to comply with the most stringent safety standards from across the world, safely and reliably propelling  you over 75 kilometers on just a single charge. 

Powered by Samsung, our powerpack guarantees maintenance free performance now, and into the future and is backed by a hassle free, 18 month warranty.