With a street legal output of 250 Watts, and an off-road configuration of 1000 Watts, the P-7 is great at both commuting and mixing it on the trails.

Built Tough

For those who like to go off-road, the P-7 is robust and ready for weekend action.


With a top-speed of 25km/h, commuting on the P-7 means you will get up those hills without breaking a sweat. Or take it off-road on weekends with a top speed of 45km/h.

Low Maintenance

Premium parts and precision engineering ensure peak performance without the running costs.

Power Output

Up to 1000 Watts

Maximum Speed

45 km/h


Up to 150km

Charge Time

2 hours

About the P-7

The Stealth P-7 is designed to turn your daily commute into an unforgettable adventure. That dead travel time getting to work can now be part of your daily fitness routine and give you more time to do the things you enjoy.


Forget about sitting on the train, tram, bus or even at red lights. From hills to highways, the P-7 is the new magic carpet. Weekend warriors won’t miss out either with the P-7’s dual suspension frame also capable of mixing it on the trails.


Built from the same pedigree as the proven Stealth B-52, F-37 and H-52, the P-7 is designed and manufactured in our Australian facility in Melbourne. Our mission is to make the most versatile yet durable ebike on the market which is safe, compliant and still a head turner.


The P-7 now comes in two configurations, street and off-road. In the street configuration, the P-7 is a pedelec meaning you have to pedal in order to engage the motor. In the off-road configuration, the P-7 is unrestricted meaning you can get twist the throttle and get up to 45km/h.

  • Top Speed: 25km/h (or 45km/h in off-road configuration)
  • Range: up to 150km
  • Noise @ 50km/h: 65dB
  • Power: 250 Watts (1000 Watts in off-road configuration)
  • Motor Type: Brushless DC
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Battery Capacity : 950 Wh (1.5kWh with upgrade)
  • Recharge Time : 2 hours
  • Charge : Standard 110-240V

The brushless DC hub motor has the ability to freewheel and by taking advantage  using the 9 speed twist grip gear selector it can easily be pedaled without using battery power.

  • Front Travel : 180mm
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Magura MT5


Straight from the factory the P-7 comes standard with 4 piston Magura MT5 brakes clamping down on huge 203mm rotors. This is the same braking system used on the bigger and heavier Stealth B-52. With just one finger on the brake levers riders can lay it down low through corners and stop on a dime, making the P-7’s street handling nothing short of phenomenal. This really is the fastest and most fun way for speed demons to legally get to work.

Derived from the popular Stealth F-37, the adjustable front and rear suspension have a wide range of settings including travel adjustment so that they can be finely tuned to suit your individual riding style or terrain.

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