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With a peak power output of 6.2kW, the B-52 has what it takes to silently outrun all enemies.

Built Tough

Robust and ready for action, the B-52's heavy duty CroMoly frame is fully equipped for a lifetime of successful combat.


Topping out at 80km/h, the B-52 is a high-velocity experience, unmatched by anything else on this planet.

Low Maintenance

Premium componentry and precision engineering ensures years of peak performance with next to no running costs.

About the B-52


The B-52 represents the perfect blend of electro-mechanical synergy by coupling a pilot’s intrinsic muscle power with a silent, high torque hub motor to produce a riding experience like nothing else on earth. Glide across the planet at astonishing speeds as the Stealth® B-52’s enduro inspired suspension swallows up the toughest trails while always poised and ready for launch.

Speed and Performance



Top Speed: 80km/h (50mph)
Range: up to 100 km (60 miles)
Noise @ 50km/h: 65dB


Powered by the same brushless DC hub motor as the H-52, the B-52 has a top speed of 80km/h (50mph) with the added bonus of transmitting traditional pedal power via it’s advanced 9-speed sequential gearbox to further increase range and efficiency.


In economy mode, without pedaling, riders can expect a range of up to 100km (60 miles) on flat terrain while a full throttle ride will shred a 40km (25 mile) trail at blistering speeds.

Electrical and Power


Peak Power: 6.2kW
Battery Capacity : 2.0kWh
Recharge Time : 3 hours
Charge: 110-240V wall outlet



Stealth’s proprietary DC-1 display allows all Stealth® owners to read real-time data and vital stats such as speed, battery consumption, range estimation and efficiency at a glance. Its intuitive layout and easy to access menus create a user friendly experience for even the most novice riders.


In a world where efficiency and reliability means everything, Stealth’s solid state, digital inverter technology has absolutely no moving parts, eliminating the possibility of wear and tear.


Tried and tested, the B-52’s 2.0kWh lithium ion battery offers uncompromised safety and reliability on the trails taking you further, for longer. With a 3 hour recharge time, all Stealth customers are given the convenience of plugging in to any 110/240V household outlet to stock up on those vital electrons.

Drive Train and Technology


Using the very latest in brushless DC hub motor technology, the B-52 accelerates from 0km/h to full speed in virtual silence. Having only one moving part, the B-52’s high efficiency, direct drive powerplant requires next to no maintenance giving it a huge advantage over its petrol/gas powered counterparts.


With a peak power output of 6.2kW, the B-52 has got what it takes to silently outrun all enemies. Pilots can further boost performance with high torque bursts of pedal power transmitted via it’s advanced, 9-speed sequential gearbox, not only increasing acceleration but making significant range gains.

Suspension and Braking



Front Travel (DNM): 200mm – Standard
Front Travel (MRP): 200mm – Upgrade
Rear Travel (DNM): 250mm


Standard issue on the B-52 is DNM’s USD 8, 200mm travel front forks.  Tuned and spec’d by the Stealth team, this is a great all round package for riders who want to mix their riding styles.  Being air adjustable makes it suitable for a wide range of rider weights within minutes.


For those looking to take their riding to the next level, we also offer the US made MRP Groove 200 fork as an upgrade option. Offering a super plush ride with lots of air and oil adjustability and technical backup from MRP’s headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado, this option is very hard to pass up.



Magura MT5 – Standard
Magura MT7 – Upgrade


Regenerative Braking System – Standard


When it comes to stopping power, the standard issue German made Magura MT5’s offer 4 piston hydraulic brake calipers for German stopping precision with no more than 2 fingers on the levers.


For pilots in that top 10% who like to take it to the limit, we also offer an upgrade to the Magura MT7’s which provide tool-less reach and bite point adjustment allowing you to fine tune your brakes on the fly. Performance is further enhanced with the MT7’s monoblock brake pads significantly improving heat dissipation while increasing bite on the leading edge.

When slowing down or coasting, pilots can also activate the Regen braking, which recovers kinetic energy feeding it back into the battery pack, further enhancing range and ride time.


Every Stealth model is available in four standard colour options: Black Ace, Camo Grey, Devils Red, or Snow White. Given that our boutique Australian facility hand builds every bike from scratch, we can also accommodate special colour upgrade requests – just ask the question.


Brakes – Standard vs Upgrade

Magura MT5 Brakes (Standard Equipment)

The Magura MT5 is designed to deliver outstanding performance
in a wide range of conditions. The adjustable lever reach and
ergonomic-matched 2-finger brake lever allows for as much
brake power as you desire.


At only 380g*, this is one of the lightest brakes in its class
Ergonomic, 2-finger, hollow alloy anodized brake lever
Adjustable lever reach
Carbotecture housing & aluminum handlebar clamp
One-piece, 4 piston caliper with banjo, mystic grey
magnetiXchange brake pad system for easy pad replacement
Compatible with all Magura Storm and Storm SL discs

Specs Courtesy of Magura Brakes.

Magura MT7 Brakes (Upgrade)

The Magura MT7 offers a 4 piston forged caliper, with a unique 4 pad monoblock set up. This upgrade is perfect for more extreme riding.

At only 355g*, the MT7 is one of the lightest brakes in its class

Carbotecture SL housing & aluminum handlebar clamp

Ergonomic, 2-finger, hollow alloy anodized brake lever

Toolless adjustment of lever reach and bite point

One-piece, 4 piston caliper with banjo, mystic grey
magnetiXchange brake pad system for easy pad replacement
Compatible with all Magura Storm and Storm SL discs

Specs Courtesy of Magura Brakes.

Suspension – Standard vs Upgrade

DNM USD-8 Forks (Standard)

The standard issue DNM USD-8 suspension fork is designed to soak up those unexpected and unforgiving hits with ease. It’s coil/air spring system can be dialed to suit a wide range of rider weights while the easy to reach compression and rebound adjusters allow for precise tuning while on the fly. Capable of taking on a wide range of riding terrain the USD-8’s are a great all round package.

MRP Groove 200 Forks (Upgrade)

The American made MRP Groove 200 fork is an air/oil/coil inverted design which ensures a supple ride over harsh terrain. This 200mm suspension upgrade conventiently offers preload, compression, rebound and bottom-out adjustments. A charged oil separator damper with external reservoir and floating piston make this one of the most adjustable forks on the market, while the inverted design offers unparalleled stiffness and keeps wipers, bushings, and seals well lubricated

Handmade in Grand Junction, CO


Duro Razorback

The Duro Razorback offers excellent traction in loose and muddy terrain. It’s aggressive knobby tread pattern allows riders to attack the harshest trails at high speed with confidence and accuracy.

Schwalbe Crazy Bob

The Schwalbe Crazy Bob has a unique wrap around semi-slick tread pattern which provides excellent grip on harder surfaces. It’s reduced rolling resistance, the minimises noise while improving range.



Night riding on a Stealth Electric Bike is one of the best ways to cover serious ground, fast and unnoticed. A great night ride needs an even greater lighting package and we’ve got it right here.
With a thumping 1720 lumen output, the Stealth Lighting Package reaches 270 metres ahead meaning you’ll be well-prepared for any obstacle that might cross your path.


For pilots exploring the urban terrain, our bolt on kickstand is an essential add on. Made by Stealth HQ, this kickstand is designed to keep your bike upright when it’s time to step off for a break.