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The P-7R’s plantetary driven, brushless DC hub motor is compact, lightweight and has enough low down torque to thrust its rider up just about any hill. When coasting, the hub motor has the ability to freewheel with next to no resistance, so getting caught out with a flat battery means you can simply shift it down a gear for an easy pedal back to base.


Available in Satin Black/Red or Nardo Grey/Violet


Note, discount and pricing is for delivery in Australia only. Prices may vary depending on your country, tax, duties and shipping costs. If you are outside Australia, please contact us for pricing.

Stealth P-7R

$8,595.00 Regular Price
$8,095.00Sale Price
  • Top Speed 45km/hr 27mph
    Range 150km 90miles
    Peak Power 1.5kW  
    Battery 1.5kWh  
    Front Travel 160mm  
    Rear Travel 160mm  
    Brakes 2 Piston  
    Transmission 9 speed  
    Recharge Time 3 hours  
    Charge 110-240V  
    Weight 29kg 62lbs