Stealth Electric Bikes - Dealer Application - USA

First Name:* Tell us your overall vision for your dealership:
Last Name: * Why Stealth Electric Bikes?
Business Name:* Have you ever tried a Stealth Electric Bike?
Website: Do you own a Stealth Electric Bike?
Primary Address Street: Where is the nearest existing Stealth Electric Bikes Dealership and how far away are you planning to be located?
Primary Address City: Do you know of other Stealth Electric Bikes-related activity in the area? Stealth Electric Bikes tours or rentals? A large existing Stealth Electric Bikes customer? An active Stealth Electric Bikes owners group?
Primary Address State: What is the address of the proposed Stealth Electric Bikes Dealership?Street:
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Email Address:* Are you planning more than one location at this time?
Tell us, in general terms, the advantages of your chosen location(s) and the markets you plan to target. Is the planned Stealth Electric Bikes Dealership part of an existing Dealership of other products?
Tell us the mix of consumer versus commercial business that you plan to have. If yes, what are the other products offered?
What inventory mix do you envision? Have you been involved with a current or previous Dealership or franchise? (provide name)
Where do you plan on establishing a Stealth Electric Bikes Dealership? Percent Ownership:
Will this facility be rented or leased? Annual Sales Volume:
Annual Rent or Lease payments: Position / Dates:
If photos of your location are available, please link to them: Reason For Leaving:
Tell us briefly about your prior business experience. Have you ever been terminated as a dealer of any product?
Link to Your Resume: Terminated Product Name:
What is the source of funds that you will invest in the Dealership? Manufacturer or Distributor:
Provide Bank References with telephone numbers. Termination Date: Month:Day:Year:
Please provide three personal references including telephone numbers. Termination Reason:

List all other persons who will have a financial interest or management in the Stealth Electric Bikes Dealership. (Name/Title/Percent Active/Investment amount Percent Ownership).
Do any of the above investors have a financial interest in any other Dealership?
Have you identified dedicated Stealth Electric Bikes staff for the Dealership at this time?

Acknowledgements and Certifications

By signing and submitting this application, Applicant acknowledges and agrees to the following:

This application is submitted for review by Stealth Electric Bikes USA, its officers, employees and agents.

Stealth Electric Bikes USA may in reviewing this application investigate and evaluate the credit worthiness, general reputation, character, background and business experience of the applicant and the applicant expressly requests and authorizes any individual, partnership, or corporation to provide Stealth Electric Bikes USA, its employees and agents (Including independent investigative agents) with any and all information which may be requested of them in connection with the review of this application.

This application does not bind applicant to accept, nor does it obligate Stealth Electric Bikes USA in any way to offer, a Stealth Electric Bikes USA Dealership Agreement. Any options on real estate or investments made or expenses of any kind Incurred by applicant in anticipation of or in preparation for this application are done solely at the applicant’s risk and its own responsibility, and do not obligate Stealth Electric Bikes USA or any of its representatives in any way.

The execution of a Dealer Agreement between Stealth Electric Bikes USA and applicant is the only manner by which this application may be accepted. Applicant admits that no representations or statements have been made to applicant by Stealth Electric Bikes USA, or on Stealth Electric Bikes USA’s behalf that would in any way tend to change or modify any terms of this application or of the Dealer Agreements, or that the applicant is relying on as an inducement to execute this application or the Dealership Agreement.

Stealth Electric Bikes USA and its representatives have made no representations, assurance, or guarantees as to the profitability or success of the proposed Dealership venture, and that the ultimate profitability or success of the proposed Dealership depends on future market conditions
and economic factors that are beyond the applicant’s and Stealth Electric Bikes USA’s control. As a result, the applicant’s investment in the proposed Dealership is made solely at the applicants’ risk.

Any material misrepresentation or omission, intentional, or unintentional, in the information supplied by the applicant in connection with this application shall constitute grounds for immediate termination of any Dealer Agreement subsequently entered in to by the applicant and Stealth Electric Bikes USA.

The undersigned certifies that he/she has read the foregoing application and that the information supplied herein is true and correct to the best of his/her information and belief.

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